Fiscal and Legal


We determine levels of compliance, overpayments, non-payments, errors in calculations, omissions in reporting and statements, possible infractions and penalties. Through a Fiscal diagnosis, we will make our recommendations so that our clients pay the fair tax.

1. Review and comparison of accounting policies, to issue a report or letter from the accountant with the corresponding opinions if necessary and jointly study the benefits that would bring the adoption of some alternate policy.

2. In the event that your financial information shows any delays, we will update the records with the objective that said information presents the reality of your company.

3. Review or develop, in conjunction with management, a budget containing the projection of inflows and outflows, anticipating, among other things, possible cash needs and management decisions on investments in property, plant or equipment; Monitoring monthly the behavior of the budget against the real, explaining differences and, if necessary, making adjustments in the projection.